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Find Inner Peace In Lieu of Anxiety

By Mayesha Awal

These past few couple of weeks are nothing like what I have experienced in my life. I witnessed a portion of the fear for coronavirus recently with all the cancellations of business, schools, and my own college, but mainly my mother returning from work and informing me that people are spending an average of $400 on groceries! We drove by in front of Meijer a couple of days ago and the parking lot looked like it was Black Friday. The apocalyptic movies are not exaggerating when they show people stocking up with food and essentials. In fact, it seems to me that people are stocking up in fear of quarantine and death.

With school being canceled until the rest of the semester, I am back home. I went to Jum’ah this Friday and the imam emphasized the importance of strengthening one’s connection with Allah during this time of anxiety and fear due to the coronavirus. He began with discussing how the Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommendations of washing your hands and quarantine align with the values and practices of Islam.

Abu Salamah reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “There is no infection (without the decree of Allah). Do not mix the sick with the healthy.”

Hence, staying healthy must be prioritized because it is incumbent as a Muslim to take care of the physical body as it was given to us by Allah. Furthermore, the imam said that it is important to give sadaqa in remembrance of Allah.

After reflecting on the messages of the khutbah, I had a deeper understanding of what I and other Muslims should feel during this unprecedented time. I should prioritize my health, but turn to Allah (SWT) for guidance. Even though all of my plans and work for the semester have turned to sand, He is the best of planners. As long as we turn to Him, He will guide us to not fear anything but Him alone.

-Mayesha Awal

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