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It's humid, but i don't care.

It’s humid.

Your hair is frizzing up. You stretch your arms as you slowly remember it doesn’t really matter because you’re just in your backyard by yourself where no one can see you anyways. As a matter of fact you haven’t seen anyone in months. And you suddenly remember you probably won’t see anyone for another year...or two.

A part of you has grown fond of this new lifestyle while another part of you deeply longs for the way the world once was…

The introvert in you is strangely comfortable with this new normal - this life of isolation, no commuting to the office, DIY iced lattes, sweat pants all day every day, virtual birthday parties, and extra time with the family in the evenings.

While another part of you aches to re-enter civilization and integrate into the masses of people you normally see on the streets of major cities. You fantasize about strutting through the streets looking like Chinese street fashion TikToks as you hustle and bustle to your important meetings only to end the day hopping from event to event where you collaborate with some of the sharpest minds in the world and some of the most creative people you will ever meet. You wonder what this year could have meant for you, the people you could have encountered, the ideas you could have worked on, the places you could have travelled, and can’t help but feel anxious about time passing as your 20s slip away right before your eyes.

Who would have thought you would be quarantined during your prime?

You start to wonder...

Why didn’t I go on that trip to South Africa?

Why didn’t I start my business?

Why didn’t I visit my grandparents?

All of these things could have been done with such ease once upon a time, but were pushed off for whatever excuse had come up at the time.

So next time it’s humid. I won’t care. I’ll show up to the event. My hair will frizz up. I'll act oblivious to the fact. I’ll be present. I’ll maximize upon every instant that I am experiencing. Because none of these excuses are worth robbing us of the precious moments we once took for granted.

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