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our many flags

Written by Ayah Issa

Our Many Flags

It’s no secret that society has made being busy a standard for success. In the process of bettering ourselves, we see betterment as doing more. It is understood: everyone is busy. However, it is also understood that our generation struggles the most with mental health issues. We eagerly pick up a flag for each of our responsibilities, unknown to us that we’ve picked up one too many flags until our flags start to tilt. With our generation so vibrantly outspoken for ourselves and for others, we sometimes do not notice our arms are carrying a little too much.

Being a Muslim Palestinian-American woman with many aspirations, I carry many flags that I sometimes struggle to hold. In the pursuit of carrying all that I have had to carry to be proud of myself, my arms started to become tired. I was carrying too much and lacked the roots to carry both myself and my flags. Because of this and the wisdom of some wise women who surround me, I got a reality check to...

Remember, while God does not give you more than you can handle, you don’t always have to test how far that actually means. You don’t have to sacrifice your wellbeing because being busy is “in.”

Remember, for my sisters carrying too many flags, I believe you can do it all. However, you deserve to not feel guilty when you care for yourself in your journey of exceptional possibilities.

Remember, nothing is impossible, including letting your arms rest. Ultimately, the flags you carry are meant to lift you just as much as you lift them.

Remember, “The Relief” (surah 94) —

“With the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Very-Merciful. (1) Have We not caused your bosom to be wide open for you? (2) And We removed from you your burden (3) That had (almost) broken your back, (4) and We raised high your name. (5) So, undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease. (6) Undoubtedly, along with the hardship there is ease. (7) So, when you are free (from collective services), toil hard (in worship), (8) And towards your Lord turn with eagerness.”

— and let God be a part of the roots that give you the strength to carry your flags.

~ Ayah Issa

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