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Ramadan @ Home

Ayah Issa

The world is a bit scary right now. While the outbreak of COVID-19 and the resulting social distancing and quarantining have affected each of us differently, I’ve heard from many that committing to the full Ramadan spirit this year seems impossible.

Despite this… Ramadan 2020 is mine to thrive in. I will read the Quran from start to finish. I will listen to two podcasts a day. I will maintain my job, my schooling, my faith, and my personal life with a perfect balance while also balancing the physical stress of fasting and staying up all night.


A week into Ramadan… My body hurts, I’ve read two pages of the Quran, and I am scrolling through pictures of food on Pinterest as I listen to Yasmine Mogahed on Apple Podcasts.

Needless to say, I am not thriving. And that’s okay.

May not only is the month of Ramadan, but it is the month of Mental Health Awareness. Take care of yourself. Strengthening your faith during the month of Ramadan should not be a chore, instead, an opportunity to renew yourself. During one of my half-listened podcast sessions, I recall Yasmine saying that as much as we rely on worldly possessions and relationships to heal us, we forget that the greatest source of healing comes from our remembrance of Allah (swt) and the actions towards healing we take in that remembrance. So take care of yourself, be kind to yourself, and maybe, for the month of Ramadan, our intentions for self-renewal may be linked to our intentions for spiritual renewal.

From my friend who has listened to me vent about feeling behind in Ramadan and in life: It is okay! Read what you can, listen to what you can, and commit to what you can. Allah (swt) isn’t trying to trap you. Your efforts and intentions are proof of your commitment to Ramadan, even if you can only give 20% of yourself rather than 100%.

A little goes a long way.

-Ayah Issa

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