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Written by Yasmin Henry

We all want to have a healthy body, but what about our minds? We experience stress, anxiety, depression, and many other negative emotions. Often times we feel we have to go through these emotions and we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We pray to Allah and ask for guidance, but how do we (as the saying goes), “trust in God, but tie your camel?” Here are six tips to help you, “tie your camel.”

  1. Am I Okay?

Be honest, how often do you actually ask yourself this question? How often do you take a break from your fast pace life to check up on yourself? Sometimes, we just don’t feel ourselves. It’s hard to do things that usually come easily. We might be losing weight or gaining. This might be a sign that we need to slow down and check up on ourselves. Just ask yourself, “am I okay?” What this will do is shed light on things. It will help you open up your eyes to a feeling and maybe the underlying cause.

  1. Take Time To Yourself. Relax.

It’s important to allow yourself to recharge. Being on the go all day, every day is not good for you. So don’t feel bad about taking a day to yourself. Put the books down, set aside the work, and do nothing stressful. Maybe pick up that book you’ve been meaning to finish. Maybe re-fresh your Quran recitation. Whatever it is, make sure it makes you happy, and takes your mind off of work (school) and gives you time to breathe and think.

  1. Self-Evaluation. Reflection.

Sadness is not always caused by outside sources. It may be hard to admit, but we may have habits that make us unhappy. Do you keep pushing your friends way? Maybe you’re on an “all work and no play,” type schedule? Whatever it is, it may take some self-reflection to see the pain that we bring to ourselves.

  1. Talk It Out. Write It Out.

Sometimes, all it takes it a good friend. Kiss the blues goodbye conversation. Having good friends that you trust is very important. They can work as an outlet for us when we really need it.

If you don’t feel comfortable talking to someone (which I suggest), then write it all out. Don’t hold back. Let all those thoughts out on a piece of paper, work document, text message, etc. You can save it to read later or delete it. Either way, it feels good to unload. It feels like a weight has been lifted off of your shoulders.

Your wellbeing is important. Remember to think about yourself and take care of you inshAllah.

-Yasmin Henry

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