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six tips for studying efficiently

Written by Yasmin Henry

Six Tips For Studying Efficiently

As a freshman in college, I had no idea what studying was or how to do it. I thought to study was just reading notes from class, but quickly learned that there was so much more to studying than I had anticipated. After my first semester, I became what some might call an expert. Here are my top six tips for efficient studying.

1. Know yourself

Know what works for you. Do you work better in groups or alone? Do you like working in cafes? Libraries? At home? On campus? Know these things about yourself.

2. Take advantage of your study style

After you know your study style, take advantage of it. If you study better in groups, start a study group. These days, most everyone is on GroupMe. Create a group for your class and email your classmates the link. If you work better alone, don’t dedicate to study groups or fool yourself into studying with friends.

3. Hold yourself accountable

Set a time and a day to work on certain (or all) subjects. This will make you accountable for studying. It will no longer be something you will do when, “you have time,” but something you have made time for.

4. A good study spot can boost your productivity by a long shot. It can keep you motivated and be associated with getting things done. Find your space and keep it. Maybe your study space is at home. Maybe you study best in your school’s library. Know the place where you get work done, and stick to it.

5. Cancel out noise

Keep yourself focused by canceling out the noise. Use headphones and listen to the sound of the rain, Quran, maybe nasheeds. This will keep your brain focused on what is in front of you, and keep you from looking around.

6. Know The Syllabi

If you know what you will be going over in class, review the subject before class. This will help guide your studying for exams and keep you ahead of the game. You will be able to ask questions on things that were not clear, gain extra understanding from a double review of the same subject, and be ahead of the class.

Do these six things and watch the A’s fall into your lap inshAllah.

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