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Traveling While Working Remotely in the Era of COVID-19

Mayesha Awal

Traveling While Working Remotely in the Era of COVID-19

Travelling while working remotely in the era of COVID-19 can be rejuvenating if proper precautions are taken. I have really taken advantage of this time too (while in school and working) to explore places in the United States. Although traveling is probably not the best choice, if you are considering it, here is my bucket list which primarily consists of national forests in the United States (because who isn’t tired of being indoors all day). When traveling, always remember your face masks and bring a journal with you to remember your adventures!

  1. Grayson Highlands State Park

    I would highly recommend this park. I went with a friend that I met over Zoom while volunteering for my local masjid. She is an outdoors person, and I really caught the nature bug from her! There are trails like Massie Gap which take you to the top of the mountain and you can see astounding views subhanallah! I stayed at the Sufi Lodge ( during my time there and Fatima and Umar were such hospitable hosts. The park isn’t too far from the lodge but having a car is best. Here are some pictures of the park when I was there!
  1. Daniel Boone National Forest

    I also travelled here, specifically to Cumberland Falls. The forest itself is expansive and there are so many different attractions to see. It is very peaceful to see the Cumberland Falls but it had a lot of tourists. I would avoid staying too long there and recommend buying a map to see the location of the trails. The trails are so beautiful because of the architecture of the forest itself, the minimal number of people there, and the unique views that you otherwise would not be able to see.
  1. Rocky Mountains National Park

    I’m travelling here next week. I’m planning ahead because there are timed-entry passes because of COVID-19 restrictions. I’m excited to see the wildlife but there have been recent closures due to the wildlife fires, so I’m being mindful of those areas.
  2. Smoky Mountains National Park

    On my bucket list. There is a collective vapor because of all the trees, bushes, and plants giving the mountain range its iconic “smoky” look
  3. Yellowstone National Park

    Also one on my bucket list. I want to see the geysers, black bears, forests, and canyons!

Make sure to be mindful of the weather but also the internet access. Some places may be harder or easier to access the internet, so call in advance to ask for details! I would recommend getting an Annual Pass “America the Beautiful - National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Annual Pass” to the national park ($80 for an entire year with unlimited access). May Allah allow you to see His Creation and do dhikr during your journey. Being in the remembrance of Allah during your journey is also a form of worship itself, so have Allah in your heart.

~Mayesha Awal

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