• Muslimah MentorShip

    Women Empowering Women through mentorship

  • How It Works

    Muslimah Mentorship


    1)Fill out application

    2) Submit resume

    3) Phone interview

    4) Attend virtual orientation


    Get Paired

    We will pair you up with a mentor based on the information you have submitted to us. The program will begin March 2020.



    Meet with your mentee/mentor once a month in person or virtually for 6 months. Use the Muslimah Society Mentor Guide and come to optional events organized by Muslimah Society.

  • See what people are saying about our program

    "Really enjoyed my conversation with Nursena.

    We tried so hard for about 1 month and a half

    to meet in person but our schedules didn't permit

    so we just did a FaceTime call. We spent a little over

    an hour talking about both our experiences and

    backgrounds we also chatted about resumes cover

    letters interviews and more. It was really nice to

    chat I look forward to the next time we will try to

    meet in person. Thanks for this opportunity." - Samar


    "Fozia and I had an initial chat where we

    gave our background info and got to know

    one another. I've asked her to focus in on future

    career objectives so that we can better prep for an

    interview, and so I can connect her with friends in

    various industries. Given that she just began her

    program in D.C., she is still exploring a variety of careers." - Carmel

  • Applications to join the program are now open

    We are currently accepting applicants for our 2020 Mentorship Program.

    Want to learn from a successful fellow Muslimah who has experience in a field you're interested in? Apply to be a mentee by clicking the link above.

  • What you gain




    Gain a network of like-minded individuals who will support your journey to success. We will connect you with other hard working college students in the program and our program's mentors from all sorts of professional fields and backgrounds.


    Professional Development

    Gain skills that will help you land the internships and jobs of your dreams.



    Gain the confidence and resources to do what you want to do.

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