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    Why aren't there enough opportunities for Muslim women? Let's create some.

    Rawan Elbaba - Layali Webzine

    Digital Lifestyle Magazine for Muslim Women.


    Yasamin Kubba - Founder of YAZFit

    Donating 50-75% of her profits to Syrian refugees this summer.

    Rita Radi - Project Rahmah

    Coach Ola - BeFit4Akhirah

    Imaani Chowdhury - Lifecoach and Counselor

    Khadija Mohamud and Kawther Berhanu

    Founders of refugee mentorship program

    Khadijah Abdullah - Founder & CEO of RAHMA and Muslim Nannies

    Amani Swadek - RAWKEDAWS

    Muslim American blogger hoping to incite positive cultural change through dialogue.

    Remaz Abdelgader

    Remaz Abdelgaderis an intern on The Hill, a political activist, a human rights advocate, and an aspiring attorney.

    Amina Derbi - Stories for Syria

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